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Trueway Church          History

                                                    The start

Trueway's history begins with the late Willie Banks Sr. (wife) Lucille Banks, and some of There family, branching off from Power House Church of God In Christ. The Holiness church was introduced to their family by his Daughter Sis Fannie k Thomas. Willie Banks, a quartet singer, was ordained a deacon and started having bible study in his house off of Faulkner Grove Road. These Bible studies were with mostly his family at first. The bible study grew so much until he purchased a trailer home and placed it behind his house to hold his bible study. Souls were coming to Christ, and he started baptizing saints on the side of his house in a huge outdoor tank. As the bible study grew, the late Deacon Willie Banks purchased land and started a house church off of Edith Street which was known as the Banks' family church. At this time the bible study was growing with mostly family and there was a mighty move of God. There was no pastor at this time - just prayer, teaching, and fellowship.  The church joined the General Assembly of the First Born Church under the leadership of Bishop Brewer. The son of Willie Banks, Andrew Banks, was at the time a Prophet, Minister, and guitar player. While he was playing the guitar God told him to start a church and name it TrueWay.  All of the members went off to worship in separate places for several years.


In 1984 Bishop Andrew Banks prayed and searched for a place to worship. They settled on 2630 Park Avenue in the community of Orange Mound with the unwavering support from over 20 members. The Deacons of the church at that time were: the late Deacon Charles Rivers (wife Shirley Rivers), Deacon Leslie Anderson (wife Viola Banks Anderson), Deacon Donald Baptist (wife Thelma Baptist), Deacon Fields (Wife Betty Fields) Deacon And Sister Matthews. They were accompanied by the great late head mother Susie Baptist.


At the time the members were not able to buy the property unless they had collateral. Therefore, Bishop Banks' brother-in-law, Deacon Leslie Anderson, put his house up for collateral in order for them to live out their vision that God had given the body of Christ. In 1984 Trueway Church of Jesus Christ was purchased and Bishop Andrew Banks became the first pastor. Ada Lois Banks, his faithful wife, was the first lady-elect.


Through the leadership of Bishop Banks, the church continued to grow spiritually and in number. Baptizing many saints In JESUS' name with the tank, Bishop Banks had carried from the side of his father’s house. The pool was eventually removed due to the Saints’ belief that it gave the church a hideous look. Under his leadership, the church was paid off in less than four years. The church was structured and organized as a place of saving souls and equipping saints through several of the church ministries. Trueway was known as a place where you could expect a miracle. Trueway grew to the point of having standing room only.


After much deliberation, Bishop Andrew Banks stepped down as pastor to ensure the future growth of the ministry. There was still a continuous dedication from the former first lady-elect Lois as she served on the usher’s board staying faithful to the ministry through other pastors and beyond her husband’s death.


Trueway was without a pastor. So, Apostle Perry Maples, with the assistance from Elder James Maples, preached and insured the word went forth for an entire year. After much consideration, the Deacons of Trueway felt a call to join the Fellowship of the Apostolic Deliverance Temple Church under the Leadership of Apostle Perry Maples. Then, Trueway changed its name to Trueway Apostolic Deliverance Temple.


At this time, Trueway was still without a pastor and ADT sent a new Pastor, Elder Tyrone Swift Sr., along with his wife (sister Patrisha Swift) who served as the pastor of Trueway twice as the church continued to thrive under his leadership until he was called to work in an elevated new capacity. 


After a time, the search was on again for a new pastor and a Faithful Evangelist. The person was chosen to lead the congregation, and that was Elder Larry Martin. Elder Martin was with Trueway for some time in the Church, until he was called to a new area of service.


Once again, Trueway needed a new pastor. The late faithful and beloved Deacon, Charles Rivers, introduced the church to the next pastor, Bishop Alfred  Shackleford and his wife, Sister Linn in 2001. After five years of Worshiping with the saints, he was made pastor of Trueway ADT Church and was installed as pastor August 5, 2006, where he served in the call of God at Trueway until July 1, 2018. Since January 2017, the church has been blessed with help and support from God’s anointed Minister and great-nephew of the first founding overseer (Andrew Banks) Minister Gavin J. Gentry.

July 1, 2018, Bishop Shackleford stepped down as pastor to ensure the future growth of Gods ministry. Bishop Shackleford appointed Minister Gavin Gentry the New Pastor of TrueWay Apostolic Deliverance Temple.


Trueway board had been praying concerning the direction God wanted the church to move in. After much thought, The board saw fitting that Trueway ADT Church become a church opened to fellowship with like-minded believers.  Trueway Church desired to fully depend on Jesus in every way. The church once again became an independent Christian Church that follows the doctrine of the Apostles Acts 2:42.


Trueway is continuing to love, praise God, and have favor with all people as the Lord adds to the church those who are being saved.
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